Software LLC​​
About Us
We bring a holistic approach for rapidly creating and implementing useful software solutions.  We can lead or supplement your efforts across the human and technology dimensions of engineering custom application/process user experiences right into the weeds of technical insights/efforts required to deliver and maintain experience quality and system security. Software LLC was founded in 1999 and has been helping both private and government clients with small and large projects ever since. 

  • Project planning
  • Website development and deployment
  • Custom high-performance data processing / ETL
  • User experience engineering
  • Custom application framework design and development
  • Application design facilitation sessions
  • Technical assessment resource
  • FISMA compliance assistance

Domains of project experience include Research, Financial, Medical, and Cloud Infrastructure.

New Product - Bigfathom (coming soon!)

Bigfathom is built on the principle that success comes from engaged people taking the right steps at the right time.  

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